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A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is software designed to automate and manage laboratory processes. LIMS provides complete control over data collection, processing, and storage, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of laboratories of all scales, including clinical, veterinary, food control and research laboratories.
LIMS Functional Description
LIMS offers extensive functionalities that cover all aspects of laboratory work:

  • Integration with all existing analyzers worldwide: LIMS integrates with various laboratory instruments, ensuring seamless data exchange and process automation.
  • Quality Control: The system guarantees compliance with all regulatory documents and quality standards, maintaining a high level of accuracy and reliability of laboratory results.
  • Sample Logistics and Control: LIMS ensures the accounting and movement of samples within the laboratory and the logistical distribution of materials among partners and branches.
  • Integration with other systems: The system supports integration with various information systems, enabling efficient data exchange and process automation.
  • Resource Accounting: LIMS helps track consumables and other laboratory resources, ensuring their rational use.
  • Automation of Research: The system automates cytological, histological, and genetic research, significantly reducing the time required to process results.
  • Access to Results via the Internet: LIMS provides immediate access to research results through a web interface, simplifying interaction with patients and partners.
  • Report and Statistics Generation: The system generates detailed reports and statistical data necessary for analyzing laboratory activities.
  • Container Labeling: LIMS allows for the labeling of biomaterial containers with barcodes, facilitating their identification and tracking.
  • Data Import and Export Automation: The system supports automatic data import and export, eliminating errors associated with manual input.
  • User Management: LIMS allows the creation of an unlimited number of users and user groups, distributing access rights and ensuring data security.
  • Data Archiving: The system stores all data, including registration logs, department logs, quality control, sample cards, and other accumulated information, for an unlimited period, simplifying access to archival analysis results.
  • Reagent Control: LIMS helps track reagent consumption and provides information for making managerial decisions to improve analysis quality.
Who Needs LIMS and How Does It Impact Laboratory Work?
Using LIMS saves employee working time, reduces costs, and optimizes expenses, making it an indispensable tool for modern laboratories.

LIMS is essential for laboratories of all scales and directions, including:
  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories (CDL): LIMS provides full process control, improving patient service quality and enhancing employee productivity.
  • Veterinary Laboratories: The system helps conduct accurate and reliable animal testing, speeding up result acquisition and improving service quality.
  • Research Laboratories: LIMS automates data collection and processing, facilitating research and result analysis
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