Basic controller that can replace old relay-mechanic control panels and add online monitoring and control features.

5 500


Pool is a base model that contains advanced online monitoring and control features.
22 000 AED


Pool Pro is a more advanced model that contains chemistry control.
30 000 AED
Subscription Options for Pool Maintenance

All subscription options include:

  • Installation of the PRO version controller
  • Installation of water quality and filtration control sensors
  • Pool operation automation
  • Pool chemicals and regular replenishment
  • Remote monitoring of the system's operation by our specialists
  • On-site engineer visit in case of pool operation issues
  • Inclusion of equipment replacement services
  • For private pools, pool cleaning service visit twice a week
Residential Pool
Refresh and unwind in your own private paradise. Our pool management system ensures reliability and comfort for your family. No worries about technical maintenance – just enjoy pristine water whenever you want.

2 500 AED per month.

Public Pool

Deliver an unforgettable experience to your visitors with our advanced pool management system. Be confident in water safety and cleanliness through automated control and monitoring. The system helps maintain the attractiveness of your pool and ensures high customer satisfaction.
5 000 AED per month.

Sports Pool

Your sports pool is a place for training and achieving results. Our system provides optimal conditions for workouts by regulating water temperature and quality. Be assured that your pool is always ready for intense training sessions and promoting athletes' well-being.

8 000 AED per month.
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